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Hope Counseling and Behavioral Services....Short steps To A Better YOU.


My name is Ana Velez and I am a Christian Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Pennsylvania. I am also licensed as a Master Social Worker in New York State.
I am the founder of Hope Counseling and Behavioral Services. I am Board Certified and a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

I received my Masters in Social Work from Fordham University in New York City.  I attended the Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute in New York City where I completed my  post graduate training in psychotherapy.
I have  many years of experience in working with family,children and individuals.  I assist  my clients by helping them develop healthy coping skills. Healthy coping skills promote healing, positive behavior and positive attitude.


Mission:  Short steps to a better you.
 I offer counseling & behavioral services and diagnosis for individuals of all ages, with challenging behaviors, & disabilities.  I work in conjunction with parents, agencies, professionals in other fields. My goal is to help my clients by focusing on their strengths and potential to foster growth and progress through a diversity of therapeutic approaches.

Do not allow others to make your life miserable because of their behaviors or actions.  Some families, friends or significant others could do just that: Make you life Miserable.

Give yourself the gift of feeling better about yourself.  Healing is a choice.

Office Location
Hope Counseling and Behavioral Services
We are located in Genesis Gardens Plaza:
1023 Interchange Road (Route 209), Gilbert, PA 18331
Billing Address:
Ana Velez
P.O. Box 279, Gilbert, PA 18331

Happiness begins from within.