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Hope Counseling and Behavioral Services....Shorts Steps To A Better YOU.


Wellness Workshops and Groups:

Wellness should be your Goal!!!!!!!

Learn How to Become a Better You

Come and meet people that are experiencing the same issues as you.

 Pick a workshop that meets your needs: 

 Emotional Fitness Day for Women:

Date: September 16, 2017


This event will change your life and must not be missed. Emotional Fitness Day has been designed to help you   imrpove yourself- worth and self  esteem, As women, we are nurturer by nature; and we encouter every day challenges as we try to handle:

  • Handling Stress
  • Relationship Issues
  • Work Related Issues
  • Finances
  • Children's Problems
  • Health 
  • And much more  
Lunch and refreshments will be served. Advance registration is required by September 9, 2017. The fee for this workshop is $40. You clould pay: cash, checl or credit cards.
Emotional Fitness Day will be held at Genesis Gardens Banquet Hall, right next door to Hope! 


 Parenting the Strong Willed Child: 

Date:  10/28/2017

From 10:00-3:00 PM  

 Is your young child or teenager demanding, lazy, disrespectful, back talking and making poor choices? Is his or her behavior driving you NUTS? Come to learn the four W's, the "L", the "R" and the "C" of positive Parenting Techniques. These positive approaches to discipline will help you improve your relationship with your child and he or she will respond to you respectfully and positively.     

Parenting the Strong Willed Child will take place at Genesis Gardens Banquet Hall, right next door to Hope! Advance registration and fee required. Lunch and Refreshments will be served. The fee for this workshop is $40.

Women's Groups:

Women in Victory: This group is for women that are in or were in abusive relationships (verbally, physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive. Also for women that have been raped or subjected to incest). This group is for women that are seeking healing and want to become strong and stop the abuse. The group is conducted in a sensitive and supportive manner. Women learn to appreciate themselves, regain their self-esteem and identity. Victory is only a phone call or an e-mail away from your fingers.  This group will be starting in  October 2017 for 6 weeks  Starting on Monday, October 2, 2017 through November 6, 2017.   Space is limited to 8 persons. $ 25.00 per session.  The group will meet at Hope Counseling Office.   

 Please call or email if interested.

Child and Adolescent Groups:

No Child and Adolescent groups are scheduled at this time, but keep checking here as there will be more in the future!


 To register for any of these events please send payment with a check or money order payable to: Ana Velez P.O. Box 279, Gilbert, PA 18331.  State which seminar you wish to attend, or call 610-681-5389.   Remember, it is your choice to be a better You........   


Healing is a choice

Call Ana 610-681-5389

  or e-mail me