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Behavioral  Services  Mission Statement:

* Shaping your child's behavior *

My goal is to help reduce or eliminate challenging behaviors in children and adolescents, while teaching them more appropriate alternative socially acceptable behaviors. The first step is to meet with the child and the parents or caregivers. The purpose of this meeting is to gather enough information in order to identify problem behaviors.

Once the data is analyzed, an effective intervention is developed to assist your child in changing negative behaviors into positive behaviors.

  • Assessment & Behavioral Services
  • Bio-psychosocial Assessment
  • Functional Behavioral Assessments
  • Development & Implementation of Behavior Support Plans
  • Program Development
  • Training parents and children
  • Program Review & Evaluation
  • Progress & Outcome monitoring

Parents or Primary Caregivers: if your child is exhibiting the following behaviors, lack of respect for you or other authorities, truancy, explosive behaviors, anger management, violation of curfew, refusal to be responsible............ this program is for you and your child. Contact Ana@HopeCounselingBehavior.com

Parents keep your self-control and sanity.  If you reside in another county within PA or state and you need help with your child's behavior; I can provide assistance via e-mail: ana@hopecounselingbehavior.com

Parents, help your child to become respectful and responsible. Call Now!!!!!!!!!!